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Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@mojit0 mojit0 Added run function return value capture support
Increased test coverage on Mock.js to include tests for both 'returns' and 'run'
key. Also updated the comment on expect() function to be more accurate.

Added simple logic to capture return value from the run function and pass it
back if no other 'returns' value has been provided.
@davglass davglass Version Bump 233c713
@davglass davglass npm build c42d865
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@thiagocaiubi thiagocaiubi Selenium waits for getResults() !== null instead of !isRunning() b06bf6b
@thiagocaiubi thiagocaiubi Updating JARs 3f2a4ba
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
@gomezd gomezd Fixed NPE when report data is empty. ef5b397
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
@davglass davglass Adding -coverage files to gitignore e51b1d2
@davglass davglass Version Bump 4fbf2da
@davglass davglass Converted README file over 3ea2ea3
@davglass davglass Updated package.json file b9ff877
@davglass davglass New npm build eb6ed48
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of git:// into gomezd-…
@davglass davglass Build after merging #19 4817862
@davglass davglass Jar build after merge of #18 5c0d71a
@davglass davglass Jar build after merge to master d3d383a
@davglass davglass Added -v, --version & -h support to the CLI dc36562
@davglass davglass Build 8462b30
@davglass davglass Using ant to propigate the version to the build files and --version/-…
…v reads YUITest.version now.
@davglass davglass Build a936741
@davglass davglass Added node_modules to .gitignore 2a48360
@davglass davglass Adding Starting Travis Support 6c42df6
@davglass davglass Adding Builder 6598bba
@davglass davglass Removed Ant, needs Builder 4e078cd
@davglass davglass Moved Readme and Added Travis Build Badge 4c2bcd0
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
@davglass davglass Proper handling of no suite/case names being provided fdfc579
@davglass davglass Fixed issue with clearing a mastersuite and a missing comma dc2a9b4
@davglass davglass Version Bump ad31b2e
@davglass davglass Version Build f1977c8
@davglass davglass Adding CLI testing 4cbbc2c
@davglass davglass Added version when running tests from cli 7387e55
@davglass davglass Added guid call to exports object 2248826
@davglass davglass Build f6298da
@davglass davglass Fixed a false failing test 86d3ff0
@davglass davglass Added ant test and made ant fail on a tet failure 8c2c3f0
@davglass davglass Java built 164d74b
@davglass davglass Added some files to gitignore aa40021
@davglass davglass Adding Java tests to Travis de1f3ca
@davglass davglass Added Makefile for easier building 2f6338e
@davglass davglass Jar Build f4876d3
@davglass davglass Seeing if I can run a Java test suite on the Nodejs build 9bbaab2
@davglass davglass Seeing if I can run a Java test suite on the Nodejs build 7371b58
@davglass davglass Seeing if I can run a Java test suite on the Nodejs build 81049b2
@davglass davglass Added some aliases 32ae917
@davglass davglass Default to Java 1.6 b6f22e6
@davglass davglass Jar Build d40dadf
@davglass davglass More multi language hacks d14ffcc
@davglass davglass More multi language hacks 52b4e96
@davglass davglass More multi language hacks 71f0a94
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
@davglass davglass Trying with JAVA_HOME in .travis.yml 51cfa48
@davglass davglass Commenting out Java tests (for now) fb0fa71
@davglass davglass Fixed shel script 3ead9ae
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixed makefile target e5c1e2b
@davglass davglass Fixed error when accessing a non existent directory, now exits properly d598be3
@davglass davglass YUITest Build 2e704ed
@davglass davglass Making test console output cleaner 9dcd553
@davglass davglass Initial Commit of YUITest Coverage wrapper for nodejs 8b8b001
@davglass davglass Package.json update 4c95e93
@davglass davglass Version Bump 0d7663c
@davglass davglass YUITest Build 7153a0f
@davglass davglass Fixed build.xml file for npm build 6fba557
@davglass davglass Now we have a version bump ad0dc8a
@davglass davglass Fixed package.json file d7d5b60
@davglass davglass Added a simple Readme 7d6e647
@davglass davglass Added options object to set the coverage name when used with stdin 5776b19
@davglass davglass Updated Readme 8bde4d8
@davglass davglass Version Bump 03d50f2
@davglass davglass Fixed missed var 3a9593c
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
@davglass davglass Moving package around for better npm support 910e3c0
Commits on Aug 24, 2012
@davglass davglass Added support for stdin processing of coverage files eaf1f11
@davglass davglass Jar build b31ea08
@davglass davglass Fixed bad parameter passing to Instrumentor a4fd565
@davglass davglass Use stdin instead of opening a file first a75c576
@davglass davglass Version Bump 04db9af
@davglass davglass Jar updates 1dc4a7a
@davglass davglass README updates ce1d058
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
@davglass davglass Missing semi 6d30af5
@davglass davglass getCoverage can resolve istanbul coverage data be32c7f
Commits on Nov 08, 2012
@isao isao cp yuitest-coverage-report.jar too
mojito uses yuitest-coverage-report.jar and yuitest-coverage.jar
(see yahoo/mojito/tree/develop/lib/tests/harness/lib/yuitest/java/build)
for it's `mojito test -c` command at the moment. We'd like to use
the npm package (yahoo/mojito#434) instead, but need this
jar too.
@davglass davglass Merge pull request #22 from isao/master
cp yuitest-coverage-report.jar
@davglass davglass Fixed jar lookup now that there are two in the repo c81f942
@davglass davglass Version Bump 1eab736
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@nzakas Make sure CLI returns non-zero exit code when tests fail 68e25a4