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YUI Test Framework

1.0.0 Beta 2

   * Introduced Node.js CLI
     - You can install via 'npm install yuitest'
   * Fixed bug in Selenium Driver that would cause error when using standalone JS library in pages.
   * Added context data object that is passed to all functions.
   * Added init() and destroy() methods for TestCase objects.
   * Added "async:init"() method on TestCase objects to do asynchronous initialization.
   * Added "ignore:" annotation for test methods (replaces _should.ignore).
   * Added "fail:" annotation for test methods (replaces
   * Changed signature of to accept options object.
   * Added groups on TestCase objects and groups filter on
   * Introduced error event for errors occuring in setUp()/tearDown()/init()/destroy().

1.0.0 Beta 1

  * Initial port from YUI 3 Test. Differences:
    - A test without at least one assertion is considered a failure.
    - ObjectAssert.hasKey() and ObjectAssert.hasKeys() are deprecated and replaced with ObjectAssert.ownsOrInheritsKey() and ObjectAssert.ownsOrInheritsKeys()
    - New ObjectAssert.inheritsKey() and ObjectAssert.inheritsKeys().
    - Tighter control over runaway wait()/resume() calls.
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