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Basic template for setting up a new story
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Basic template for setting up a new story

Setup a new project

  • Install degit once
npm install -g degit

There are several branches in this project that contain similar versions the template with for different frameworks

Minimal template

degit nzherald/template

Batteries included template

This template pulls in d3, d3-jetpack, jquery & lodash. It uses a class based template for components.

degit nzherald/template#batteries-included

ObservableHQ template

degit nzherald/template#observable


Webpack dev server should be ready to go as soon as packages are installed.

npm install
npm start

Run modes

npm run [option]

start: Runs dev server with barebone template; thick templates are available on /thick.html and /iframe.html build: Builds bundle files locally but does not deploy analyse: Builds and runs bundle-analysis tools deploy: Builds and pushes bundle files to[project name]/ release: Builds and pushes bundle files to homepage specified in package.json livetest: Builds and pushes bundle files to, which can be viewed at

Insight component

  1. Create a new branch
git pull
git checkout -b article/[project name]
git push --set-upstream origin article/[project name]
  1. Create a new article
insights new
  1. Link to build files
<div id='root'></div>
<script src='//localhost:8080/embed.js'></script>
  1. When ready, link to live resources.
<link rel='stylesheet' href='[project name]/embed.css' />
<div id='root'></div>
<script src='[project name]/embed.js'></script>
  1. Publish
insights publish dev


Source mapping (

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