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## Version History
+* **1.15** Mon 2 Nov 2009 [download](
+ * [CHANGE] Xmo'd: now adds `.h` human+machine header files to project (in addition
+to current `.m` + `.mm` files). ([rentzsch](
+ * [NEW] Now supports key paths in fetch request predicates so long as they're relationships. ([Jon Olson](
+ * [FIX] Log fetch-request-wrapper errors to `NSLog()` on iPhone since it lacks `-[NSApp presentError:]`. ([rentzsch](
+ * [NEW] `+insertInManagedObjectContext:` `NSParameterAssert()`'s its `moc` arg. ([rentzsch](
* **1.14** Fri 9 Oct 2009 [download](
* **IMPORTANT:** 1.14 generates code that may be incompatible with clients of 1.13-or-earlier generated code. `+newInManagedObjectContext:` has been replaced with `+insertInManagedObjectContext:` and method implementations have been replaced with `@dynamic`, which don't work so well with overriding (most of these uses can be replaced with Cocoa Bindings). Upgrade only if you have spare cycles to fix-up existing projects.

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