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[CHANGELOG] v1.21.

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## Version History
+### v1.21: Mon Nov 1 2010 [download](
+* [NEW] Machine templates now include fetched properties by default. ([Jonathan del Strother](
+* [NEW] Xmo'd: better support for `--(machine|human|output)-dir` model option path: now they can be full or relative to the model file. Xcode group and file references are no longer deleted/re-added with every save. ([John Turnipseed](
+* [NEW] Xmo'd: `--log-command` model option. When enabled, Xmo'd will log (to the generated+executed `mogenerator` invocation. Good for automation debugging and also can provide training wheels for using mogenerator directly. ([rentzsch](
+* [FIX] Avoid `nil` substitution dictionary in generated fetch request wrapper code, which resulted in an `NSInvalidArgumentException` reason "Cannot substitute a nil substitution dictionary." ([Anthony Mittaz](
### v1.20: Thu Aug 12 2010 [download](
* [NEW] Xmo'd: model comments that start with `--` are passed as args to mogenerator. This allows accessing command-line options such as `--base-class`. ([David LeBer](

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