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Dobromir Ivanov - TelerikAcademy

In this repo you can find all my homeworks, team projects, exams and side projects from my training at TelerikAcademy.

In Telerik Academy we have learned several topics and programming languages like: C#, JavaScript, SQL, PHP and Other. Here is the list of the student program:

  1. C# Part One

This was the first course in the academy and from todays perspective may look very elementary and easy, but back then it was hard for me because it was full with new information. The course include topics like:

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Promitive data types and variables
  3. Operators Expressions and Statements
  4. Console Input Output
  5. Conditional Statements
  6. Loops
  7. Exam Preparation

TEAMWORK-PongGame [Must see!]

Pong game classic Pong game classic download demo

  1. C# Part Two

This was very hard course. It may say this is the hardest one in the academy. It is big impact for newly born developer to try to implement Merge Sort Algorithm :) The exam was very hard and interesting. You must definately check my Teamwork game - Just Jewels (it is quite nice console implementation of the classic game Bejeweled) The course include the following topics:

  1. Arrays
  2. Multi-dimentional Arrays
  3. Methods
  4. Numeral Systems
  5. Using classes and Objects
  6. Exeption handling
  7. Text files
  8. Strings
  9. Exam Preparation

TEAMWORK - Just Jewels [Must see!]

Just Jewels Just Jewels DEMO DOWNLOAD

  1. C# Object Oriented Programming

The course for object oriented programming is fundametal for all developers. It is quite good that we have learned the basics of OOP in solid language such as C#. The team project for this course was to implement some kind of application that uses WPF as rendering enviroment and to use explicitly object oriented programming.

  1. Defining classes part I
  2. Defining classes part II
  3. Ext Methods, Delegates, Lambda, LINQ
  4. Object oriented programming - principle I
  5. Object oriented programming - principle II
  6. Common type system
  7. Academy popcorn [console game]

TEAMWORK - School Management System [Must see!]

School Management System School Management System DOWNLOAD DEMO

  1. HTML basics

That was one of the easy courses in the academy. We have learned not just syntax, but a lot of good patterns for better web.

  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. HTML Tables
  3. HTML Forms
  4. Semantic Web
  1. CSS

As graphic and web designer - i know that the good design is very important for one product to succeed. I'v had some previous experience with CSS and that course was easy for me. Nevertheless i've learned some new stuff like SASS and LESS.

  1. CSS Overview
  2. CSS Presentation
  3. CSS Layout
  4. SASS
  5. LESS
  1. JavaScript Basics

In JavaScript Basics we've learned the basics of the most popular language now days. The most of the lectures were almost the same as those in C# part 1 and 2, but with new syntax. It was quite an impact to get used to the language after comming from strong typed language like C#.

  1. Data types and variables | DEMO
  2. Operators and expressions | DEMO
  3. Conditional Statements | DEMO
  4. Loops | DEMO
  5. Arrays | DEMO
  6. Functions | DEMO
  7. Objects | DEMO
  8. Strings | DEMO
  1. JavaScript UI и DOM

This is where the courses started to get cooler and more awesome. Here we have learned cool stuff like Canvas, KineticJS, SVG, DOM Manipulation and other UI tools fot web.

  1. Document object model | DEMO
  2. Document object model Manipulation | DEMO, Circle Motion, tag Cloud, tree view
  3. Canvas | DEMO: Basic Shapes, Bouncing ball, SNAKE GAME,
  4. KineticJS | DEMO: Family Tree
  5. SVG | DEMO: Logos SVG, Windows Start Screen
  6. RaphaelJS | Vector Logos, Vector Spiral
  7. Animations | DEMO: Super mario Sprite
  8. Event Model | DEMO: Simple TODO APP
  9. JQuery Basics | DEMO, Slider, Other
  10. JQuery Plugins | DEMO: DropDown Plugin, Message Plugin
  11. Template engines - HandlebarsJS | DEMO

TEAMWORK - POPCORN Classic game in Canvas [Must see!] -> PLAYABLE DEMO(Please test in IE10)

POPCORN Classic game in Canvas POPCORN Classic game in Canvas ONLINE DEMO

  1. JavaScript OOP

The education in this course was focused on creation of module applications using Javascript. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Module pattern in javascript, reavealing module pattern, immediately invoked function expressions IIFE and other usefull stuff:

  1. Functions and function expressions | DEMO: DOM Module, MOVING MODULE - MUST SEE, Console Module - Press F12
  2. Classic OOP | DEMO: Shape Module
  3. AMD and RequireJS | DEMO: Fancy ComboBox

Modules and patterns | DEMO: OOP SNAKE GAME

OOP SNAKE School Management System DOWNLOAD DEMO

Other Courses

  1. Teamwork and knowledge sharing
  2. Teamwork and knowledge sharing - Wikipedia Style
  3. Hackaton - Applications for better world

You can check our team project for the hackaton here: Educational RPG game

  1. Telerik Kendo UI