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Changes in 1.1.0
* Add polygon support Samuel Cowen <>
* Add osm_gps_map_zoom_fit_bbox Martijn Goedhart <>
* Fix leaks oman Lebedev <>
* Remove Yahoo (API break) Quentin Glidic <>
* Build fixes Quentin Glidic <>
* Fix image rotation Christoph Gysin <>
Changes in 1.0.2
* Fix build with new giscanner
* Build fixes guillomovitch <>
* Fix open-street-maps Andrew Gee <>
Changes in 1.0.1
* Build fixes
Changes in 1.0.0
* Gtk3 support (
* Remove deprecated functionality
* Add z-order property to map items
* Fix Google
Changes in 0.7.4
* Fix Google
Changes in 0.7.3
* When using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in, centre on the mouse pointer
(as recommended by the HIG)
* Doc updates
* Bug fixes
* Treat 403 errors as missing tiles
* Bail if user queues too many tiles to download (DOS)
* Limit retries of tile download on unspecified errors
* Enforce gtk+-2.14 minimum
* Fix Google
Changes in 0.7.2
* Make osm_gps_map_point_{copy,free} public
* Fix build against older gtk and pygtk/pygobject versions (Maemo)
* Doc updates
* Bug fixes
Changes in 0.7.1
* Don't install mapviewer binary
* Bug fixes
* Doc updates
Changes in 0.7.0
* Map auto center threshold is now adjustable via the auto-center-threshold
* Build fixes
* Provide a notify signal for tiles-queued and zoom
* Improvements to changing source and tile-cache after map is constructed
* Drawing of the gps marker can now be completely controlled by applications
by implementing the draw_gps_point vfunc
* GPS marker visibility can also be controlled using the show-gps-point property
* GObject introspection support
* Documentation using gtk-doc
* Gtk-3.0 compatible (builds with -DGSEAL_ENABLE)
* Massive improvements to the Image and Track functions and additional
API cleanup. This release is not ABI compatible, however it is API compatible.
All users are advised to update to the new API.
A summary of these changes, and a porting guide follow;
* Replace coord_t -> OsmGpsMapPoint
* osm_gps_map_add_image -> osm_gps_map_image_add and now returns a
OsmGpsMapImage * type that should be used when removing or modifying images
* osm_gps_map_remove_image -> osm_gps_map_image_remove and now
accepts this returned OsmGpsMapImage * pointer
* osm_gps_map_clear_images -> osm_gps_map_image_remove_all
* Track management is now done using the OsmGpsMapTrack object. This
is a wrapper around a GSList of OsmGpsMapPoints. You should keep a
copy of this object around. You can add single points to the track by
calling osm_gps_map_track_add_point, and the map will update
accordingly. You can change the visual appearance of the track via
this object properties.
* osm_gps_map_add_track -> osm_gps_map_track_add
* osm_gps_map_replace_track. Modify the OsmGpsMapTrack object instead
* osm_gps_map_clear_tracks -> osm_gps_map_track_remove_all
* The gps functions are now just convenience wrappers around an
internal OsmGpsMapTrack object
* osm_gps_map_draw_gps -> osm_gps_map_gps_add
* osm_gps_map_clear_gps -> osm_gps_map_gps_clear
* osm_gps_map_screen_to_geographic -> osm_gps_map_convert_screen_to_geographic
* osm_gps_map_geographic_to_screen -> osm_gps_map_convert_geographic_to_screen
* osm_gps_map_get_co_ordinates -> osm_gps_map_get_event_location
* osm_gps_map_set_mapcenter -> osm_gps_map_set_center_and_zoom
Changes in 0.6.0
* Support libsoup-2.2 and libsoup-2.4
* Add a Add a OsmGpsMapLayer interface and a default OSD using the
interface. OsdGpsMapOsd is one implementation of this interface which
draws one or all of; scale, map center coords, zoom control, dpade
control, center crosshair. Much of the drawing code was from Till Harbaum.
* Make the drag limit a gobject property
Changes in 0.5.0
* Note: Many of the improvements this release was based on
code from Till Harbaum
* GDK drawing is not supported anymore, you must have cairo installed
* Use automake silent rules
* Add keyboard navigation support to map widget
* Draw GPS heading in position indicator
* Allow disabling of tile cache
* You can now change the map source at runtime
* Redraw and performance improvements
* Update python bindings
* Build and run correctly on Windows
* A new "changed" signal. Connect to this to monitor when the map zoom/scroll
or center changes.
* Add osm_gps_map_source_is_valid
Changes in 0.4.0
* Map can now be constructed by passing a MAP_SOURCE ID instead of
the map repo uri
* Fix iter safety when purging the tile cache
* Fix for segfault when adding images to the map
* Remove map repo uris from public API. They should now be retrieved using
osm_gps_map_source_get_repo_uri(OsmGpsMapSource_t source)
* Add osm_gps_map_get_scale
* Implement a blank map source that just draws grey tiles
* Demo application now stores maps in XDG_CACHE_DIR
* Fix build and crashes on windows
* Add getters for name and zoom
* Add a more complete python example
* Add ability to purge the cache
Changes in 0.3.0
* A new major contributor, Alberto Mardegan,
worked on many of the new features of this release. Thanks a lot Alberto!
* Draw map tracks with Cairo by default.
* Interpolate between zoom levels while waiting for a tile to download.
* Stop using GET_PRIVATE, and cache priv* for performance.
* Keep an extra border of images offscreen for smoother scrolling at
the edges of the map.
* Keep the last N tiles in memory to improve render performance
(previously they were loaded from disk)
* Add some new api; osm_gps_set_center, osm_gps_map_scroll.