osm-gps-map example applications
 * ./mapviewer
   C based demo app with many options. See '--help' for a list. Note, this
   must be executed from the examples directory so it can find the mapviewer.ui
 * ./polygon
   This example demonstrates editable polygons. Vertex points can be dragged. 
   Clicking mid-points divides the line and creates another vertex.
 * ./
   Python version of the C demo app, with examples showing how to do custom
 * ./mapviewer.js
   Javascript example using seed + gobject-introspection. If running uninstalled,
   you probbably need to tell GObject introspection where to find the
   bindings. Do the following from the example directory
    # export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../src/.libs/
    # export GI_TYPELIB_PATH=../src/