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import unittest
from gobject import GType
from common import gobject, testhelper
def raiseGError():
err = gobject.GError
err.message = "Test conversion between exception and GError"
err.code = 1
err.domain = ""
raise err
def test_raiseGError():
class GTypeTest(unittest.TestCase):
def checkType(self, expected, *objects):
# First, double check so we get back what we sent
str = GType(expected).name # pyg_type_from_object
val = GType.from_name(str) # pyg_type_wrapper_new
self.assertEqual(val, expected,
'got %r while %r was expected' % (val, expected))
# Then test the objects
for object in objects:
val = GType.from_name(GType(expected).name)
self.assertEqual(val, expected,
'got %r while %r was expected' %
(val, expected))
def assertPyType(self, val, pytype):
val.pytype = pytype
self.assertEqual(val.pytype, pytype,
'got %r while %r was expected' % (val.pytype, pytype))
def setInvalidPyType(self):
val = GType(gobject.TYPE_INT)
val.pytype = 1
def testBool(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_BOOLEAN, 'gboolean', bool)
def testInt(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_INT, 'gint', int)
# model = gtk.ListStore(str, int)
# iter = model.append()
# model.set(iter, 1, 100000000)
def testInt64(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_INT64, 'gint64')
def testUint(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_UINT, 'guint')
def testUint64(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_UINT64, 'guint64')
def testLong(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_LONG, 'glong', long)
def testUlong(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_ULONG, 'gulong')
def testDouble(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_DOUBLE, 'gdouble', float)
def testFloat(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_FLOAT, 'gfloat')
def testPyObject(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT, 'GObject', object)
def testObject(self):
self.checkType(gobject.TYPE_OBJECT, 'PyObject')
def testPyType(self):
val = GType(gobject.TYPE_INT)
self.assertEqual(val.pytype, None,
'got %r while %r was expected' % (val.pytype, None))
for t in [int, None, float]:
self.assertPyType(val, t)
def testInvalidPyType(self):
self.assertRaises(TypeError, self.setInvalidPyType)
def testValue(self):
array = [1, "foo", True]
for i in array:
self.assertEqual(i, testhelper.test_value(i))
def testValueArray(self):
array = [1, 2, 3, "foo", True]
self.assertEqual(array, testhelper.test_value_array(array))
def testValueArrayNone(self):
array = [1, 2, 3, "foo", True, None]
self.assertEqual(array, testhelper.test_value_array(array))
def testGError(self):
self.assertRaises(gobject.GError, test_raiseGError)
# XXX: Flags, Enums
class MyObject(gobject.GObject):
__gtype_name__ = 'MyObject'
class TypeNameTest(unittest.TestCase):
def testTypeName(self):
self.assertEqual(GType(MyObject).name, 'MyObject')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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