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Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. Check for NULL ifa_addr

  2. @ViralBShah
  3. @ViralBShah

    Add a URL for IRC.

    ViralBShah authored
  4. @ViralBShah

    Add AMOS to README.

    ViralBShah authored
  5. @ViralBShah

    Close #390

    ViralBShah authored
    ui/README.web is now merged in the toplevel
  6. @ViralBShah
  7. @ViralBShah
  8. @ViralBShah
  9. @JeffBezanson

    Merge pull request #408 from nzmsv/master

    JeffBezanson authored
    SSH worker connections
  10. @JeffBezanson
  11. Changed the way SSH worker connections are handled to skip any

    extra messages that may be printed by the remote shell.
  12. @JeffBezanson
  13. @ViralBShah
  14. @ViralBShah
  15. @JeffBezanson

    Merge pull request #405 from nolta/besselj2

    JeffBezanson authored
    finish adding bessel functions, take 3
  16. @JeffBezanson

    Merge pull request #406 from PlayMyCode/patch-2

    JeffBezanson authored
    minor changes to randmatmul that yield major speed-ups
  17. Made minor changes to randmatmul that yield major speed-ups

    PlayMyCode authored
    Total time has been reduced by around 65 to 75%. The biggest improvement was in matmul, where it was accessing the array on every iteration whilst summing. Now it sums in a 'total' variable, and the array is set once. This alone removed over 65% of the time.
    I also moved to using Float64Arrays for matmul, which yields a minor improvement.
  18. @nolta
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. @nolta
  2. @nolta
  3. @nolta

    fix bessely typo

    nolta authored
  4. @StefanKarpinski

    Merge pull request #401 from fivebats/master

    StefanKarpinski authored
    Replaces absolute #include path with framework-style include.
  5. @fivebats
  6. @JeffBezanson

    64-bit linux binary link

    JeffBezanson authored
    dist: libamos => lib/libamos
  7. @StefanKarpinski
  8. @StefanKarpinski
  9. @meetmauro @StefanKarpinski
  10. @JeffBezanson
  11. @JeffBezanson
  12. @JeffBezanson
  13. @JeffBezanson

    Merge pull request #400 from nolta/besselj

    JeffBezanson authored
    add test/amos.j
  14. @JeffBezanson

    Merge pull request #392 from avibryant/expose-murmurhash-seed

    JeffBezanson authored
    hash(s::ByteString, seed::Uint32)
  15. @nolta

    add test/amos.j

    nolta authored
  16. @nolta
  17. @StefanKarpinski
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