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bios is a utility for running a script on your laptop. It uses the mixable/bios Docker image to run in an environment very similar to the BIOS GitHub App which uses AWS Lambda.


## Install bios CLI
$ go get -u

## Check out a repo with `` and give it a try!
$ git clone && cd bios
$ bios
DIR:  /tmp/bios
USER: <disabled>
PASS: <disabled>
BREF: master
BSHA: 203e2f2aec1e3c46a38219ba9075860a5f99a031
REF:  master
SHA:  203e2f2aec1e3c46a38219ba9075860a5f99a031

000:0 $ run -s Cloning   git clone file:///tmp/repo/.git --branch master --single-branch src/
000:4 $ run -s Resetting git reset --hard 203e2f2aec1e3c46a38219ba9075860a5f99a031
000:4 $ run -s Fetching  git fetch origin master
000:6 $ run -s Linting   golint -set_exit_status
000:6 $ run -s Vetting   go vet -x
000:7 $ run -s Building  go build -v
001:0 $ run -s Testing   go test -v

# Results

Succeeded in 1.4 seconds. 🆗

## Statuses

+ Cloning
+ Resetting
+ Fetching
+ Whitespacing
+ Linting
+ Vetting
+ Building
+ Testing

Succeeded (Testing)

GitHub Interactions

By default bios will not interact with the GitHub API to set commit status or comments. Use the -hub flag to change this behavior.

Be careful with this setting...

Enabling -hub without a -user or -pass will use the git credential helper to locate credentials. These credentials likely have more access than the BIOS GitHub App.

This will also cause an error if the local SHA doesn't exist on GitHub.