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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require_relative "../lib/ferret"
bash(retry: 2, name: :setup, stdin: <<'EOF')
function heroku() { $(which heroku) "$@" --app $TARGET_APP; }
heroku info || {
heroku plugins:install
heroku plugins:install git://
# create, configure, build, release and scale app
heroku create
heroku manager:transfer --to $ORG
heroku build -r $TARGET_APP $FERRET_DIR/app/exec_converge
heroku scale crasher=1
bash(name: :poll, timeout: 3900, stdin: <<'EOSH')
# poll for change in up_at, every 10s for 360 intervals (~60 min)
set -x
UP_AT=$(curl -s
for i in {1..360}; do
[ "$UP_AT" = "$(curl -s" ] || exit 0
sleep 10
exit 1