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GistDeck is a presentation layer for one of our favorite text sharing tools.




An h1 is a topic.


An h2 is a subtopic. This subtopic is followed with a paragraph. Pellentesque id lorem nunc, varius porttitor nulla. Phasellus in sapien tellus, id congue metus. Cras et vestibulum nisl. Mauris interdum tincidunt augue vitae tincidunt.

Subtopics are often supported with lists:

  • Some people call these bullets
  • In markdown and html we call them list items
  • A list item can also have code
  • ruby -pe 'next unless $_ =~ /bullet/' <

Subtopics can also have images:

If an image is displayed after an h2, and before the supporting paragraph, it will be floated right. Nam dictum blandit faucibus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Fusce faucibus sagittis sapien vel posuere.

Subtopics love code snippets:

  1. In Ruby you can map like this:

    ['a', 'b'].map { |x| x.uppercase }
  2. In Rails, you can do a shortcut:

    ['a', 'b'].map(&:uppercase)

GistDeck by noah and todd

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