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All of my mutt configuration files
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This is my ~/.mutt.

Offlineimap and Msmtp

Two Gmail accounts are kept in sync with directories under ~/Mail via Offlineimap. Msmtprc is used to send emails from either account via the commandline or Mutt.

You can find the relevant configs for both of these tools in my dotfiles repo.


I don't trust Offlineimap as a daemon, so I just manually sync every 3 minutes via [f]cron.

*/3 * * * * /home/you/.mutt/bin/mailrun

mailrun gives offlineimap 60 seconds to complete before forcibly killing that process. In my experience if it's not done in 30, it's hung. You may want to adjust these numbers depending on the size and number of your mailboxes.

Either way, you should run your first sync manually since it will take a while.

Mail query

Mail query is a little C app I wrote which reads your existing mail for addresses and presents them in a format such that mutt can use them for tab completion. Given a small enough mailbox, it's usably fast.

It is available in its own repo.


Mutt accesses the mailboxes under the two synced folders in ~/Mail and uses folder-hooks to adjust the appropriate settings (from, sendmail, etc) depending on what folder you're in.

Be sure to review all settings and man muttrc for anything you don't understand.

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