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This is a Myriad customised version of P2Pool, forked directly from

All 3 of Myriad's non-merge-mined algorithms (myr-groestl, skein, qubit) are supported and preconfigured, and Python modules for each are provided.

Requirements & Setup:


To install the hash modules, go into each sub-folder within /modules and run

su python install

Running P2Pool:

To use P2Pool, you must be running your own local myriadcoin daemon. For standard configurations, using P2Pool should be as simple as:

python --net {network_name}

Replace {network_name} with the following depending on the algorithm:

  • Myr-Groestl - myriad_groestl
  • Skein - myriad_skein
  • Yescrypt - myriad_yescrypt

Ensure your myriad daemon is configured with the same algorithm (via the algo= option in myriadcoin.conf).

To make your node accessible from the internet, open the following ports on your router (both the worker port and peer-2-peer port please!):

  • Myr-Groestl: Worker Port = 5545; Peer-2-Peer Port = 5544
  • Skein: Worker Port = 5589; Peer-2-Peer Port = 5588
  • Yescrypt: Worker Port = 5534; Peer-2-Peer Port = 5533

Run for additional options:

python --help

Front End

You can access the web front end via http://{ip-address-of-p2pool}:{worker-port}/static

The standard UI has been replaced with

Donations towards further development:


Official wiki:


Thanks to:

  • The Bitcoin Foundation for its generous support of P2Pool
  • The Litecoin Project for its generous donations to P2Pool


Available here

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