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Q Poll Result Build Status

Maintainer: Danijel Beljan

Q Poll Result is one tool of the Q toolbox to render poll results. Test it in the demo.

Table of contents


git clone
cd ./Q-poll-result
nvm use
npm install
npm run build

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No configuration is needed for this tool.

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Start the Q dev server:

npx @nzz/q-cli server

Run the Q tool:

npm run dev

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The testing framework used in this repository is Code.

Run the tests:

npm run test

Implementing a new test

When changing or implementing...

  • A route, it needs to be tested in the e2e-tests.js file
  • Something on the frontend, it needs to be tested in the dom-tests.js file

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We provide automatically built docker images at There are three options for deployment:

  • use the provided images
  • build your own docker images
  • deploy the service using another technology

Use the provided docker images

  1. Deploy nzzonline/q-poll-result to a docker environment
  2. Set the ENV variables as described in the configuration section

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The tool structure follows the general structure of each Q tool. Further information can be found in Q server documentation - Developing tools.

The tool is designed specifically for poll results in Switzerland which are done prior to votings on intiatives and referendums. Hence, we have two pre-defined scales:

  • Three answer scale

Poll result with three answer scale

  • Five answer scale

Poll result with five answer scale

The scales can also be mixed together:

Poll result with mixed answer scales

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The tool uses the svelte framework to render the markup on server-side.


There are no options for this tool.

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Copyright (c) 2019 Neue Zürcher Zeitung. All rights reserved.

This software is published under the MIT license.

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