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Q Quiz Build Status

Maintainer: Michel Grautstück

Q Quiz is one tool of the Q toolbox to render quizes containing questions of type multiple choice, number guess and map point guess. It also includes the rendering of answer statistics for each question type. Test it in the playground.

Table of contents


git clone
cd ./Q-quiz
nvm use
npm install
jspm install
npm run build

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The following environment variables must be specified when starting the tool:

  • COUCH_DB_USER - couchdb user for accessing the answer-store database
  • COUCH_DB_PASS - couchdb password for accessing the answer-store database
  • COUCH_DB_URL_Q_QUIZ - url to the answer-store database
  • COUCH_DB_URL_Q_ITEMS - url to the q-items database (used for the statistics)
  • ENRICO_API_URL - url to enrico used to give article recommendations
  • ENRICO_PRODUCTS - array of publications which should be queried for article recommendations
  • IMAGE_SERVICE_URL - url to the image service - It should contain a URL with 3 parameters that will get replaced before the URL is used to load the images. {key} will be replaced by the string Q-server stored as the key when the file got uploaded through Q-servers /file endpoint provided by the file plugin {width} is replaced by the width the image should be loaded {format} will be png or webp (a picture element is used in the HTML with multiple source elements) Example:{key}?width={width}&format={format}
  • MAP - object containing properties (style url, attribution) for the map required by the mappointguess question type

Please have a look at the test environment for examples on what this variables should look like.

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Start the Q dev server:

npx @nzz/q-cli server

Run the Q tool:

node dev.js

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The testing framework used in this repository is Code.

Run the tests:

npm run test

Implementing a new test

When changing or implementing...

  • A route, it needs to be tested in the e2e-tests.js file
  • Something on the frontend, it needs to be tested in the dom-tests.js file

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We provide automatically built docker images at There are three options for deployment:

  • use the provided images
  • build your own docker images
  • deploy the service using another technology

Use the provided docker images

  1. Deploy nzzonline/q-quiz to a docker environment
  2. Set the ENV variables as described in the configuration section

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The tool structure follows the general structure of each Q tool. Further information can be found in Q server documentation - Developing tools.

Question Types

Q-Quiz supports four question types multiple choice, number guess, map point guess and number poll. Each of them requires a question, and have additional configuration parameters, like min or max values. The questions multiple choice, number guess and map point guess require a correct answer and will evaluate results. A version of number-guess, called number-poll does not require correct answer. The questions types are implemented as ES6 classes and each follow the same structure.


This is the default endpoint called for web targets. It returns the markup, stylesheets and scripts . The svelte framework is used to generate the markup. The scripts get transpiled to a jspm bundle and get loaded by the jspm loader on client-side.


The frontend communicates with the answer-service to store all the entered answers, get statistics on a single question or get the total score.


This endpoint is responsible for saving an answer object in the quiz answer database.


This endpoint takes the item and an array of answer objects and returns a score object with properties maxScore and achievedScore based on the submitted answers.


This endpoint takes the question type, itemId, questionId and optionally an answerId as input and returns a stats object with parameters betterThanPercentage, betterThanCount, diffPercentage, numberOfSameAnswers, totalAnswers. This information is used to display sentences like Nur 10 Prozent aller anderen lagen noch weiter daneben als Sie after the user entered an answer.


This endpoint takes the questionId, width, height and bounding box as parameter and returns a heatmap visualizing other map point guesses.


This endpoint takes the itemId, questionId and width as parameter and stripplot svg visualizing other number guesses.

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There are on options for this tool.

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Copyright (c) 2019 Neue Zürcher Zeitung. All rights reserved.

This software is published under the MIT license.

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