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Bunch of stuff in by ~/.bin directory

I have added to PWD=$PWD:~/.bin/ to ~/.bashrc. Some of these are attached to key bindings. How to set those depends on your windowing system.

I put all these scripts into the public domain.

Uses wmctrl and ps to figure out which windows belong to a program or comma-separated list of programs. For instance: firefox,epiphany,netsurf,opera,liferea

Will get all the entries from wmctrl -l -p relevant to those.

wmctrl -i -a ` firefox` #To open the first one.

Also takes a comma-separated list of program names, but cycles through the windows. If none of the programs in the list has a window, attempts to run the first element of the (coma-separated)list.

#Cycle or otherwise start firefox. firefox,epiphany,netsurf,opera,liferea

Alternatively it can specify a name for the set of options, and specify a more specific command to run.

Mod4 z :Exec editors emacs,openscad,gimp "emacs -mm&"

What i use of those two:

Basically i have the following bound into ~/.fluxbox/keys. Presumably the lists will lengthen a bit.

Mod4 c :Exec gnome-terminal
Mod4 v :Exec claws-mail
Mod4 x :Exec gmpc,totem
Mod4 s :Exec reader evince, 'echo' #Dont want readers without any file.


Strips metadata with mat, and uses steghide to hide random data in it and toss it away. This is done in order to prevent frequency analysis when using images to send messages.(In case they can detect that data is hidden in images)

Immediately takes a screenshot, meant to be used as key binding.

The first argument can be nothing, then zenity is used to ask for a name, or date, then the date is used for name, or it can be the name itself.

Puts the screenshots in ~/pics/screens/.

Starts using /dev/video0 to record into ~/pics/from-cam/.

Runs mplayer in order make pictures.(you have to trigger it) Puts it in ~/pics/from-cam/.

I suppose i should want to immediately take a picture.


Some convenience stuff not worth mentioning here.

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