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Most of these are to get rid of 'little lackings' of the lisp language; except:


Uses regex to provide destructuring-bind for regular expressions. (destructuring-regex regex-and-vars string ..body..) where regex-and-vars consists of:

  • symbols, the value entered is whatever is between other matching
  • strings is skip to a match, dont record the match (but maybe record what is between)
  • (symbol string) go to match and put it in the variable.
  • (symbol symbol) figure out a regular expression from the symbol using (regex-string-of-type type-symbol), and then parse it with (parse-type type-symbol string) and put that in variable.
  • (:if-mismatch ..body..), (t ..body..) what to do if mismatch.

There is also a regex-case which picks the first matching destructuring-regex form. (Note that it is conceptually a little different that what alexandria:destructuring-case does!)


Just a little better than the other parse-number. read-tab-listing could be useful. destructuring-regex uses it and provides a parse-type of (eql :num) (and aliasses) for it.


A function match-form form expr &key ... where form is nested lists where symbols mean variables. The function returns a assoc list when the variables match.(and various things 'what went wrong' otherwise)

The opposite apply-vars form vars &key ... can fill in variables as given in the vars assoc list.

The little-lackings:

  • vector-vect, vectors using (vector..), adding inproduct
  • j-generic, general stuff(not really used, but i might.)
  • j-seq-utils, some stuff like making position*, find*, more general versions.
  • j-string-utils, some stuff for convenient string stuff, like (potentially nested) tokenizing, concat, string-rev-case.
  • j-parse-number, because i felt i could do better.
  • gen-expr, generates random expressions. (for bijection tests for instance)
  • denest, it is annoying when code gets nested. Just denest is a reaction. Though not the best one, usually improvement of code makes it go away better.
  • read-tab-listing, reads nested lists where the nestedness is indicated by differing levels of indentation.


Dependencies are alexandria, regex-sequence also depends on regex.


  • Make a test for destructuring-regex. Also make a pcre version.

  • Make the test for nested tokenizing more thurrough.

  • Regular-tree :optional and :list keywords dont work with apply-vars yet. There is no :key yet either.(And why did i not start these with &?

  • Regular-tree could use some concepts from destructuring regex, 'continuing on elements'. For instance, when it sees the correct things in form and expr in the right spaces, it could use destructuring-regex:regex-list.


Some of it is under the public domain, and some under the GPLv3, license included under doc/


Jasper den Ouden