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Opengl plotting


  • Plotting of arrays, functions(anything with a pos(thing,index) and done(thing,index)(gl_plot plots them)

  • Histograms(and plotting them), including ones that expand as needed. They simply use the expanding array in the utilities included in julia-ffi. They use parameteric types so the expanding arrays can easily be switched out with other implementations of expanding arrays.

  • Real time plotter ('oscilloscope style') that (optionally)histograms the input and the times between to receivals of time. (add all sorts of fancy stuff, why not is the idea.)

It is a bit early in development.

Depends on

The GL stuff in julia-ffi.


To use, edit ~/.juliarc.jl if that directory is not already added and

push(LOAD_PATH, "$(path_directory_where_project_directory_is))

Currently you have to run it as julia -L ~/.juliarc.jl TODO is use the modules, and figure how to load things correctly..

If you didn't forget to run make in parse-c-header, things can be loaded with paths originating from that. There is an example in doc/example_juliarc_part.jl (it includes things needed by parse-c-header) The testing files can then be run with julia test/somefile.j (If all well, not mattering from which directory)


Can be run with make test_all and other entries in the makefiles. They output into like test/result/run_list

$USER `git status|wc -l` `git log|head -n 1` time `date +%s` ... number of lines in stdout`

Inperfect as it is(bit quickly botched together), it gives an indication how well things work. Stdout is outputted into test/result files aswel, zero lines aught to indicate no errors.


  • Fix out-of-dateness.

  • How stuff is loaded/run not standard? How do i get this to be according to 'the best convention' out there?

  • Real time plotter 'averages over different lengths of time' plot and corresponding '2d' histogram. What is currently there is a bit too limited.

    • Also bar plots along length.
  • Waterfall plot. (possibly change real time plotter to do it)

  • better docs, examples.(Well the tests are examples.) Example with arduino output.

  • plotting of 2d arrays and histograms.

  • 3d plots.

  • other outputs? (cairo?)

  • Get the linear fitting code to work.


Everything is under GPLv3, license included under doc/


Jasper den Ouden


various kinds of plot including real-time



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