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"Kind" system and databases with filters

Different "kinds" are essentially sort-of struct-like things, for SQL corresponding to a table, with specification what the entries mean.

Usage is:

  • Create main object, I.e. db = require("Searcher.db.Sql"):new{filename=":memory:"}

  • Add kinds db:add_kind{...} TODO describe kind specification.

  • Make filters filter = db:filter(filter) filters are essentially just code described as nested lists. {"search", "term1", "term2"} is one command, {"or", ...} and {"and", ...} exist too. There is also still room to add more.

    • Results that use the DB for further accessing. filter:access(kind_name)

    • Plain results filter:search(kind_name), only top level objects, integers may be references.

    • Deleting results filter:delete(kind_name)

    • :..._sql(...) gets the SQL that would do it. :_..._fun(...) returns a function that would.

    The reason you make a filter first and then specify for kinds, is because it is easier to memoize by kinds than by filter.

    All of kinds, filters, entries, are considered just data. The filter object is just a handle to that search.

Note that there is also require "Searcher.db.Lua", which stores it in lua tables. No cleverness, just "dumbly" searchers for it. No to-disc storage yet either.

Filters are also separate objects creatable via require "Searcher.Filter". (or the more specific ones)


Database available separate, of course. Luasql version works, there is a luajit one, but unfortunately it segfaults. Hopefully more in the future.


  • Sql:new{filename=, db=..}s makes a new object, best to supply just filename, it'll get you the database.(-connection) "s:memory:" will make one in-memory.

  • :compile(sql_command) returning an object that is callable(like a function) to effectively :exec it with commands. (may memoize aspects of the action)

  • s:exec(sql_command, args...)

  • To s:new add repl= replacements in the commands and cmd_strs= a key-value store with either string(just replace stuff) or function (return the string with the object as input) values.

  • s:cmd(name) calls the command, and memoizes the corresponding s:compile result. (s.cmds[..] or s.cmds.thing works too)


Either add the package directory to package.path or symlink package_dir/Searcher/ into someting accessible from package.path.

Depends on luasql for regular lua, luajit currently needs to use the FFI bindings that are in this repo. (segfaults so far..)


  • Need filters from search-strings.

  • Currently a macro-like system for generating the (sql/lua)code. A more general one is better/worse.

Lua Ring

  • lua_Searcher sql formulator including search term, and Sqlite bindings.

  • page_html provide some methods on an object, get a html page.(with js)

  • storebin converts trees to binary, same interfaces as json package.(plus file_encode, file_decode)

  • PegasusJs, easily RPCs javascript to lua. In pegasus.

  • tox_comms, lua bindings to Tox and bare bot.


Searching and formulating Sql in lua. Formulating has "search engine"-like input



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