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Presumed that a before- and after-state is proved in by Patricia/Merkle proofs, and the transactions existence in the HB is proven too.

A challenge disqualifying a block is successful if:

  • Indeed all before- state used was proven.
  • After-state is indeed different from the aledged after state. Or some arbitrary rule is violated, like gas-use-maximum being exceeded.

Second approach (unfinished)

Found that gas is an issue, it is undesirable to need vetting before a contract is accepted. Re-implementing gas in EVM, i.e. by adding a lot of adding operations, is costly and messy. Afaik the only way to get it right is to run the same code in auditing and checking a proof on the Ethereum HB side.

Then you simply measure gas, and any differences between HB and checking-HB are accounted for.

It is necessary for the HB-eth to dictate some aspects of what the checking contracts look like. Preferably the HB contract manipulates the code to find the HB version itself. Have not played with create enough to be entirely sure it can be done, but without this, you basically have to accept every contract into the system. We want:

  1. Prepended part that allows HB to prepare it by filling in storage that was Patricia-proven. The gas cost of this section must be known. (or duplicated on-HB)

  2. Each HB-contract has multiple instances. Storage index is changed so the different instances are separate. Additionally.

    In storage, we need to know if a slot was properly proven. Initially i thought using the last 64 bits for indicating the HB-block number, but i really want everything unadulterated Ethereum contracts. So instead, we'll just double the blocks, the second one contains the HB block number. First argument of calls will contain this number.

    Unfortunately, we need it tested on the HB-contract and it doesnt need to be tested on the HB-program running. Maybe it uses the same gas, then not we need to account for it in gas price checking. Maybe not though, might be better to account for it.

  3. Calls stay in HB-contracts. Call address is deconstructed to have that HB contract address and an instance address.

    They're modified to send back to a HB contract. The initial arguments need to be modified;

    • The address of the contract, aswel an an 'instance' address.
    • HB block number to compare.
    • Keep track of number of storage ops.
  4. Returning values is done plainly, but then the sload-of-not-proven is handled by spinning off all gas.

    Or it prepends a didnt-dosload-not-proven to returns and returns "unproven sload" if it comes across on.

  5. address needs to be modified to return the combination of the instance and Ethereum address against.


  • Are the modifications are possible?

  • Are the call modifications doable.. How to get a large enough memory-spot? Just ditch the existing one, copy it to end, auch...