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Bunch of luakit things

  • search_login, which uses pass and searching the html to login.

  • urltamer, running code based on uri being accessed, blocking/redirecting/managing view behavior based on them.

  • A nicer history searcher.

  • nicer bookmarks, with basic importer.

  • .. based on listview searching SQL, however, might end up just doing so over logs, messages, bookmarks, history. (limited extent)

  • Again based on it, a nicer directory browser, that is extensible, you can add 'info generators' that fill an html area.

    First one is one that adds a markdown reader for this.

Note that although it is called o-jasper-luakit-stuff, i dont mean that it is just my project. Just not-clogging the namespace, and getting all the damn things in one repo.


In order to keep things easy for others to use/extend too, need to try make things in a principled way. This is just the current idea.

  • For extension, never require knowledge how i manipulate metatables.

    Basically, whenever the "user"(still a programmer) provides an object, the reference will just tell him what members that object should have.

    The user can then create objects where accessing that way gives the correct behavior.(by table directly, or metatable, doesnt matter)

  • Users still may need to extend objects i create, and to do it with the fewest lines of code, that might imply needing knowledge about how the metatables work.

  • Everything is local, things are reported by the return value of files.

    For now, an exception is luakit itself, which exposes d globals,

  • Should attempt to make files small. Certainly not "sectioning" of files when files can be split off. Other than short descriptions, documentation should in files for it

  • SqlHelp/listview is to be used for lists with permanence, or that need to be shown/searched.

  • Strive to make tools usable inside usable from commandline or as library too;

    • paged_chrome needs to be usable as server. (partway currently, still need to connect js to lua)
    • The SqlHelp(derived) stuff needs work for this.
    • urltamer, need to be able to ask from commandline what a response would be.


Everything is GPLv3 unless explicitly indicated otherwise.


Various luakit things



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