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Assurance Ethereum entity.

Assurance Ethereum entity.

  • Creator creates, then initiates, sets it up, sets recipient, sets block number it will have to succeed/fail, sets minimum success amount.

  • Anyone can help fund.

  • Before deadline, creator can refund.

  • Anything occuring after the deadline sends the funds to the project if success, and refunds otherwise.

Potential expansions

Some of these might be doable by simply connecting to other contracts. But that might not be gas-efficient.

  • Stages; if funded, it goes to stage 1, stage 2 needs something to be triggered. That might mean more funding, votes from existing funders or just keeping the same funding, but allowing some funders to cut their losses if they lose faith.

    There could be multiple stages this way.

  • Dividents: paying for stuff like stocks. Need some rules about how much to do dividents.

    Not particularly happy with use of stocks currently, but then oculus-like events suck too.


Just one that does a case test.

Do not think it has high enough certainty for use.

It is bound to need quite a lot of rewriting towards better contract writing. Like formalizing the commands, efficiency, getting rid of the refund variable being used as it is now..

Otherwise for security, need to try think of ways to break it, analyse the code, and throw more random stuff at it in tests.

TODO (note: only if i take it further)

  • Go PoC7..

    • Get rid of that awful refund variable doing control flow.
    • Some static checks.
  • Ensure cant attack by making many tiny contributions, later costing too much gas. (contribution minimum)

  • The refund button should hide if you cannot control it. Also, refunding after the whole thing.

  • More thurrough case test.

    • All logical paths.
    • Fuzz-test?
    • Reading well/annotating?
  • It is not pretty enough.

  • Show everything, and safety-off switch. NOTE: the safeties are merely some extra checks, do not imply safety.

  • Paying and refunding uses same interface, renaming stuff.. I dont like it.