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Html page and asset system

Build from this, and userscripts a bookmarks and history server.

That has been packaged as one bunch at, there is a PKGBUILD.

Some of the apis how to use are in


In ~/.init.lua(other whatever initiates lua, add.

package.path = "$THIS_PROJECT/?.lua;$THIS_PROJECT/?/init.lua;" .. package.path


  • Add a ~/.lualibs/

  • Add/edit the ~/.init.lua adding.

    package.path = "/home/$USER/.lualibs/?.lua;/home/$USER/.lualibs/?/init.lua;" .. package.path

Then, symlink this thing to there.

  • `cd ~/.lualibs/ ; ln -s path-to-project/html_page/``


The different implementations depend on their respective thing.

Lua Ring

  • lua_Searcher sql formulator including search term, and Sqlite bindings.

  • page_html provide some methods on an object, get a html page.(with js)

  • storebin converts trees to binary, same interfaces as json package.(plus file_encode, file_decode)

  • PegasusJs, easily RPCs javascript to lua. In pegasus.

  • tox_comms, lua bindings to Tox and bare bot.