map of objects and/or the universe, so premature it isnt even conceived
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This project is in an extra-raw state.

Some of the things noted in .markdown files are wishful thinking.

Tbh dont know if the octtree is even up to that, surely the drawing process needs to be better for the CSG stuff for instance.

Data that could be contained:

  • Images, where to find images with clear locations(and directions), though!
  • Use it for coloring surfaces, by 'raying'?
  • Fields: 'overall models' and measurement at location.
  • gravity
  • magnetism (think the variations are not so small relative to the 'constant field'?)


  • Searching along 'flashlights'

  • Test with moving around with perspective, finding pictures in approx the correct direction.

  • Make a clear list of most important functions for complete useage. (possibly modifying things to make it neat)

  • write test with matrices set up and stuff

  • test expansion and searching in various ways
  • make the lists do stuff and have the lists expand if needed.