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Tox communications.

Tox.lua ports tox into an object, ToxFriend is everything regarding friends about that. These two have functions analogous to tox's functionality.

Then ToxChannelMsg uses messages to build channels ontop. Bare channels have: (the definition evolved a bit as i wrote it)

  • :channel_data(name, data) sends data to the friend on that name.
  • .data_cb={...} contains the callbacks, by name, that are run when a message arrives completely. Arguments are (self, nr, data).

Ontop of that, only minorly differently as originally;

  • :call(name, return_callback)(...) returns the function that you can put the arguments in which will are called on the friend side.

    I works by using :channel_data with "json_call" to call it a function on the other end, which then uses "json_ret" to return the result, if the function is marked as returnable. data_cb.json_ret will use the return_callback with the data.


Initially, to my annoyance, i wrote something too tied to Tox. In future strive for API:

  • :ensure_edge(from_addr, to_addr)e an edge between those two users. If you control the from_addr, then it sends data.

    if you control the to_addr it pretend-sends it.

  • :block(from_addr, [to_addr]) set that to false, blocking it.

Then from the edge:

  • e:see_claim(i, name, ...) information received from contact claiming: e.allow_claims indicate which are allowed, default:

    • "name", main name, followed by single name
    • "status_message" Status message
  • e:see_msg(i, kind, message) receive a message.

  • e:see_friend_request(i, message) friend request.

  • e:see_missed(i, fi, ti) claim range of messages missed.

  • e:do_claim and e:do_msg are the active versions, you call these, and they do do the acts, or return true for inability.

  • is the name to actually use. e.request_name is requested one, if not accepted/denied.

  • contains current claims.

  • e.history history claims.


  • File sending didnt work?

  • Better Tox channel creation.

    • use other things than the message sending. Like the file sending or lossless packets.(just redefine :send_chunk)
    • Use "something that looks like the require "json" package rather than json. I.e. make those like storebin an option.

Lua Ring

  • lua_Searcher sql formulator including search term, and Sqlite bindings.

  • page_html provide some methods on an object, get a html page.(with js)

  • storebin converts trees to binary, same interfaces as json package.(plus file_encode, file_decode)

  • PegasusJs, easily RPCs javascript to lua. In pegasus.

  • tox_comms, lua bindings to Tox and bare bot.


Luajit FFI of tox, and communications over tox



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