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Various designs

Some of them tested, some not at all. There are some releases on thingiverse. (releases usually contain .stls with default parameters)

Feedback is very welcome.

There is a bunch of stuff here, i have categorized things as 'basically done', ongoing 'process' and 'just kept here'. Though i may the latter in particular and may even change the 'done' things a bit.


You need to add the lib/ directory to the list of folders for libraries here are some methods. For instance you could add it to OPENSCADPATH(the openscad version of PATH, a :-separated) on linux, with:(in ~/.bashrc)

export OPENSCADPATH=path_to_project/various_physibles/lib/:$OPENSCADPATH

Some of the released stuff

The released entries have readmes with links to release files and more info. Under done/.

  • Pill connectors as attachment method parts/pill_connector(iteration on parts/flex_hose)
  • Corner mirror stick tools/corner_mirror/
  • Simple clothing hook various/new_hook/
  • Plank stuff; simple hook onplank/plank_hook.scad, hold rod under plank onplank/spool_plank/(for filament rolls), hold power supply under plank reprap/power_supply/power_supply_under_plank.scad.
  • Clamp/'knijper' thing in tools/clamp
  • Pencil holder reprap/pencil_holder/(quickly tag the filament so you can see its movement)
  • Soldering iron holder tools/solder/.(not good enough!)
  • Some 'artistic stuff' like a (nonfunctioning)pool-table, recursive trees.

Other things

  • Tried making a twisting/clicky pen for a while, but was frustrating. The twisting one openscad+slic3r gave trouble not getting usable gcode.
  • Also tried making plugs. The latest iteration being based on the pill connector idea. However, it requires much more testing.
  • Some simple stuff to connect plates.
  • It would be nice to allow adding pictures to surfaces..

Author, License

Jasper den Ouden currently, feel free to fork/cooperate, attribution is much appreciated.

Things are licenced under the GPL.


various designs of physical objects



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