Backbone.js backed rendering of my Flickr beer collection
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Backbone.js backed rendering of my Flickr beer collection.

The Premise

Create a photographic collection of beer bottles (ideally that I have drunk). While I try to ensure the label is readable, image quality is not a priority. Most photos are taken with my phone and often in poor lighting conditions. The same beer is allowed to feature multiple times in the collection if there is some kind of variation in the bottle.

The Tech

The collection is stored on Flickr and this site has been built on top of their REST API. The aim was to build a rich dynamic site with no server side code. This is achieved with the use of the Backbone.js MVC framework and Bootstrap for the look and feel. This site has been developed for Chrome and mostly works in Firefox, no effort has been made to make it IE compatible.


  • Search
  • Add chrome only banner
  • Collection Stats
  • Slide show
  • Hero
  • Sort order direction arrow in title bar
  • Map with all images
  • Stat Graphs
  • New label