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Cucumber / Gherkin Syntax Highlighter for Bespin


Bespin is an 'cloud' based IDE developed by Mozilla. A less buzzword definition is a code editor in your web browser. The Gherkin.js adds syntax highlighting for the Gherkin language which is a "Business Readable, Domain Specific Language that lets you describe software’s behaviour without detailing how that behaviour is implemented" used by Cucumber. Please visit the Cucumber home page for more information.

How To Use

1, Download the latest Customizable version of Bespin editor (note: this plugin was developed against 0.6.2).

2, Place the Gherkin.js file into the plugins/labs directory.

3, In the Bespin root directory create a gherkin.json file which contains the following text:

    "output_dir": "tmp",
    "plugins": ["Embedded", "Gherkin"],
    "include_sample": true

4, Run 'python gherkin.json' in the Bespin root dir

5, Edit the tmp/sample/sample.html and change the following html:

<div id="editor" class="bespin" data-bespinoptions='{ "settings": { "tabstop": 4 }, "syntax": "js", "stealFocus": true }'>


<div id="editor" class="bespin" data-bespinoptions='{ "settings": { "tabstop": 4 }, "syntax": "gh", "stealFocus": true }'>

6, Open the sample.html file in Firefox and you should see syntax highlighting for Gherkin formatted text

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