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This project contains the needed patches to run ECL on android.

The included Makefile will download and patch ECL (git and cvs are needed).

You'll need the android SDK + NDK to compile / run this project
(assumed to be in /opt/android/android-sdk-linux_86 and

The included "hello-jni" android application demonstrates how to
start/run ecl from an android app using JNI. Right now it just loads
the file "init.lsp" and displays "Hello World".

The cross-compiled ecl binary can also be run as a standalone
executable (just "adb push" it to a directory on the emulator and use
"adb shell" to execute it.

You'll need to change the path for your cross-compiled ECL in
jni/ (assumed to be in /opt/ecl/android)
If you want to debug native code on the android emulator, check the
procedure in gdb_wrapper.

Sylvain Ageneau <>