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WordPress WPO

Website Performance Optimization for WordPress

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  1. Advanced HTML optimization toolkit. Minify, code optimization, search & replace, strip comments and more.

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  2. Advanced CSS optimization toolkit. Critical CSS, minification, concatenation, async loading, advanced editor, CSS Lint, Clean CSS (professional), beautifier and more.

  3. Advanced Javascript optimization toolkit. Minify, concat/merge, async loading, advanced editor, ES Lint, UglifyJS (professional), beautifier and more.

  4. Advanced PWA and Service Worker optimization toolkit. Cache strategy, offline browsing, preloading, Google Lighthouse PWA validation and more.

  5. Advanced HTTP/2 optimization toolkit. HTTP/2 Server Push, Service Worker based Cache-Digest and more.

  6. Advanced file based page cache with PHP Opcache (500x faster than Redis and Memcached).

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