WordPress WPO Collection Plugin Core. This plugin core is shared by all optimization plugins for single plugin performance.
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WordPress WPO Collection

This repository contains the optimization plugin core that is shared by WordPress performance optimization plugins to achieve single plugin performance.

This is not a WordPress plugin! This repository is for development purposes only.

The Website Performance Optimization (WPO) plugin collection includes plugins for CSS, Javascript, HTML, Web Font, HTTP/2, Progressive Web App (Service Worker) and Security Header optimization.

The WPO optimization plugins provide in all essential tools that enable to achieve perfect Google Lighthouse Test scores and to validate a website as Google PWA, an important ranking factor for Google's Speed Update (July 2018).

Google Lighthouse Perfect Performance Scores

The WPO optimization plugins are designed to work together with single plugin performance. The plugins provide the latest optimization technologies and many unique innovations.

JSON configuration

100% of the WPO plugin settings are controlled by JSON. This means that you could use the plugins without ever using the WordPress admin forms.

The JSON is verified using JSON schema's. More info about JSON schemas.

Local editing of optimization settings

A recently added Stealth Optimization Config Proxy concept makes it possible to edit the plugin settings using physical .json files from a local editor (with auto upload) making it efficient for fine tuning optimization settings. An update would cost a second compared to using + saving a WordPress admin panel.


Advantage 1: platform independent

The WPO plugins are not like most other WordPress plugins. The plugins are purely focused on optimization technologies instead of controlling / modifying WordPress. This makes the underlaying optimization technologies platform independent. The same technologies and configuration can be used on Magento, a Microsoft .NET CMS or a Node.js based CMS.

Advantage 2: saving time

The JSON configuration enables much quicker tuning for experts and it enables to quickly copy and paste a proven configuration to a new website.

Advantage 3: public optimization knowledge and help

The JSON configuration can be easily shared and discussed on forums, enabling to build public knowledge about the options. Because the optimization configuration is independent from WordPress, the knowledge will be valid for any platform which increases the value, making it more likely to be able to receive free help.

Advantage 4: a basis for Artificial Intelligence

The JSON configuration concept, when completed, enables fine grained tuning of the optimization, not just on a per page level but even per individual visitor or based on the environment. This will enable to optimize the performance based on the save-data header or for example to change an individual CSS optimization setting specifically for iPhone 5 devices.

While the JSON shema concept makes it more easy for human editors to perform such complex environment based optimization, it also provides a basis for a future AI to take full control over the optimization, enabling to achieve the absolute best website performance result for each individual user automatically.

While the AI may one day supplement or take over, experts will have a clear view of what the AI is doing (it produces simple JSON that is used by humans) and will be able to override at any point.

The plugins are a beta release.