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An awesome pronunciation guide for Android. Powered by Forvo.
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Andrey Moiseev authored

How to Say: an awesome pronunciation guide

For users

This is a pronunciation guide application for Android based on Forvo. The app provides word search and pronunciations for every word. Available in Android Market (search "How to Say" or "pname:ru.o2genum.howtosay").


For developers

How to get a working copy of the project:

  • mkdir for_howtosay
  • cd for_howtosay
  • clone johannilsson/android-actionbar or use my fork
  • clone commonsguy/cwac-endless or use my fork
  • clone o2genum/forvo-java-api and see what do that project need to work (GSON and Apache Commons Codec)
  • fork this project, if you need it
  • clone this project (or your own fork)
  • cd HowToSay
  • first two clones are library projects - add them as library projects
  • third clone is a simple Java library - download its JAR and JARs it needs (see its into libs directory
  • cp src/o2genum/howtosay/ src/o2genum/howtosay/, open, read and edit correspondingly

Now you likely have everything I have in my project directory. Please, read Android Code Style Guidelines (yes, code must be beautiful) and feel free to join the development.

Project needs translations

Special thanks to:

Also, this project uses my another project o2genum/forvo-java-api. Open its page to discover its dependencies.


The code is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. See LICENSE file or online version. Copyright (c) 2011, Andrey Moiseev.

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