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Installer for the O2 Platform
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Install O2.bat
Start O2.bat


Install instuctions:

To install do git clone of this repository or download the zip file

You will see an Install_O2.bat script which when executed will:

  • Do a git clone of these 3 repositories: O2.FluentSharp , O2.Platform.Projects , O2.Platform.Scripts
  • Compile the C# projects using MSBuild (you don't need VisualStudio installed)
  • Start the "O2 Platform.exe" file which if the compilation was sucessfull, will exist in the O2.Platform.Projects\binaries folder

Note that you DON'T need to have Windows GIT installed on the Box/VM you try this. I added support for the amazing NGIT ( project to O2, so now O2 has native (C#) support for GIT repositories :)

Scripts examples

There are lots of script samples at the O2 Platform blog

O2 Website

see also the website

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