Reproducibility service RESTful web API specification and documentation
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o2r Web API

Project description:


We're a research project, so everything in this API and its documentation is subject to change. The "working" state should always be in the master branch, which is published online at, and open pull requests reflect features under development.


This specification is written in Markdown and deployed automatically using Travis CI. You can use mkdocs to render it locally, or view the latest master-branch on See the MkDocs documentation for details.

# pip install mkdocs
# mkdocs --version
mkdocs serve

mkdocs build

Automated Builds

Build Status

The current master branch is automatically built on Travis CI and deployed to the GitHub Page at Our combination of the .travis.yml and will run the mkdocs command on every direct commit or merge on the master branch and deploy the rendered HTML documents to the gh-pages branch in this repository.

Travis authenticates its push to the gh-pages branch using a personal access token of the user @o2r-user. The access token is encrypted in the .travis.yml using Travis CLI for the repository o2r-project/api:

travis encrypt GH_TOKEN=<token here>

The variable GH_TOKEN is used in the deploy script. The token generated on the GitHub website should not be stored anywhere, simply generate a new one if needed.

This has some security risks, as described here. To mitigate these risks, we have disabled the option "Build pull requests" is on the Travis configuration page for this repo, so that malicious changes to the Travis configuration file will be noticed by the repository maintainer before merging a pull request.


The o2r Web API specification is licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License, see file LICENSE. To the extent possible under law, the people who associated CC0 with this work have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. This work is published from: Germany.