JavaScript library and CLI tool for ERC validation and comparison result checking
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A JavaScript library and CLI tool for ERC metadata, execution, and result checking.

The checker is part of the o2r-project. Its purpose is to verify the o2r-platform's reproduction automatism for scientific papers in HTML format.

The checker runs on NodeJS. The tool implements a NodeJS module, which is a function returning a JavaScript Promise.

It further implements a command line interface (WORK IN PROGRESS).

NodeJS module usage

The checker's index.js exports an object called ercChecker. This object contains a function that takes two paths to HTML files and optional further parameters, and returns a JavaScript Promise.


The erc-checker is currently not featured as an official npm module in the node package repository.

Instead, it is best installed directly from GitHub:

npm install --save git+

Alternatively, the git repository may be cloned and packed into an npm package locally using the following console commands.

    $  git clone
    $  cd erc-checker
    $  npm pack          

The npm pack command creates a tarball named erc-checker-x.y.z.tgz (x.y.z represents current version) in the same directory

This resulting tarball is a fully functioning npm package. It may then be installed into any project with:

    $  npm install --save /path/to/tarball/erc-checker-x.y.z.tgz`

Current functional scope

The checker is executed with a config object (JSON).

    var config = {
    	directoryMode: Boolean, 			// default: false --- read papers from directories automatically?  (false: paths for both papers MUST be specified; true: path to directory MUST be specified)
    	pathToMainDirectory: String,
    	pathToOriginalHTML: String,
    	pathToReproducedHTML: String,
    	saveFilesOutputPath: String,		// necessary if diff-HTML or check metadata should be saved
    	saveDiffHTML: Boolean,              // default: false
    	outFileName: String,                // choose a name for diff-HTML (defaults to "diffHTML.html")
    	saveMetadataJSON: Boolean,          // default: false
    	createParentDirectories: Boolean, 	// default: false --- IF outputPath does not yet exist, this flag MUST be set true; otherwise, the check fails
    	comparisonSetBaseDir: String,       // base directory of repository to be checked, used to create a file list (glob)
        checkFileTypes: [String],			// case insensitive list of file endings to be included; currently defaults to ["htm", "html"]
    	quiet: Boolean                      // default: false

Note: optional parameters may be left out of the config object when not used. In this case, defaults apply.

In directory mode, individual path parameters will be ignored. Otherwise, main directory path will be ignored.

One of the following configurations MUST be made

  • directoryMode = false and pathToOriginalHTML && pathToReproducedHTML valid paths to HTML files, or

  • directoryMode = true && pathToMainDirectory valid path to a directory structure as seen below:

       │    │   main.html
       |    │   someOther.html
            │   main.html

    In directoryMode, there MUST be two subdirectories, original and reproduced.

    Note: HTML files in directories are NOT REQUIRED to be named "main.html". However, the checker will pick the first .htmlfile found in alphabetical order .

The tool will compare both HTML files for images only. The images MUST be base64-encoded, and encapsulated in an HTML img tag, as generated automatically when rendering an .Rmd file into HTML format.

If both HTML papers contain an equal number of images, the checker may write a new HTML file, containing the results of the comparison between all images in the input files, as created by blink-diff, as well as highlighted text differences between both Papers.

Further parameters (in order):

  • saveFilesOutputPath: String : third path for file output; necessary if either parameter saveDiffHTML or saveMetadataJSON is set, otherwise ignored
  • saveDiffHTML: Boolean : save diffHTML file to output directory
  • outFileName: String : choose a custom name for diffHTML (default is "diffHTML.html")
  • saveMetadataJSON: Boolean : save metadata.json to output directory
  • createParentDirectories: Boolean : create parent directories for output (if false and directories of path not yet created, output will not be created)
  • comparisonSetBaseDir: String: path to the base directory of the repository to be checked, may be absolute or relative
  • checkFileTypes: [String]: case insensitive list of file endings to be included in the comparison set for the check
  • quiet: Boolean : silence loggers


Any errors during execution cause the returned JSPromise to be rejected. Errors will be caught and

  • logged out to the console
  • saved in a check metadata JSON object, which is returned as rejection argument:
    	"checkSuccessful": ... ,
    	"images": [ ... ],
    	"display": {
    	    "diff": "[merged diff-HTML]"
       "start": Date,
       "end": Date,
       "errors": [ <Error description> ] 

Metadata may contain a varying amount of data, depending on where in the process an error occurred.

Externally caused errors will occur, if:

  • paths to files / directory are invalid
  • output path does not exist, and createParentDirectories flag is not set
  • papers contain an unequal number of images
  • base64-encoded image invalid / broken


The ercChecker function returns a JSPromise.

If execution is successful, the Promise will be resolved, containing a check metadata JSON object:

   	"checkSuccessful": Boolean,
   	"images": [	
   			"imageIndex": Number,
   			"resizeOperationCode": Number, // represents status code, see below
   			"compareResults":	{
   				"differences": Number,
   				"dimension": Number
   		}, ...
   	"display": {
   	    "diff": String // contains the entire result HTML, 
   	                    // with images swapped for diff-Images where differences were found;
   	                    // contains merged text of both papers, with differences highlighted
       "comparisonSet": [String],  // contains relative paths of all files with file type ending 
                                    // matching the specified in config file using the `checkFileTypes` attribute              
       "start": Number,
       "end": Number,
       "errors": [] 

prepResult codes (for images of same index in paper):

  • 0: images do not differ in size
  • 1: images differed in size -- resized for comparison
  • 2: images differed in size -- not resized for comparison

For debugging purposes: When running the checker with a NodeJS environment variable DEV set true, the result AND reject metadata will include an absolute path to the temp-directory used during the check.

How to use the checker module

const checker = require('<path>/<to>/erc-checker/index').ercChecker;  // import the ercChecker module, which is a function

// head: checker(config);    

The ercChecker function will return a Promise, which will be resolved on successful execution, or rejected on error.

Thus, while the Checker will run asynchronously, it can be chained in a controlled fashion. It can be used as follows:

    // use with direct file paths: 
    let config = {
        directoryMode: false, 
        pathToOriginalHTML: "path/to/fileA.html",
        pathToReproducedHTML: "path/to/fileB.html",
        saveFilesOutputPath: "/optional/output/path/",
        saveDiffHTML: true,
        outFileName: "customNameForDiff.html",
        saveMetadataJSON: true,
        createParentDirectories: true,
        comparisonSetBaseDir: "/path/of/files/toBeChecked",
        checkFileTypes: ["htm", "html"],				// case insensitive list of file endings to be included
        quiet: false
    // example
            // successfully resolved: result contains metadata object
            function (resolveMetadata) {
                //handle result 
            // an Error occured, Promise rejected
            function (rejectMetadata) {
                // handle result
    // in this example, independent of result handling, there will be files for resulting HTML and Metadata JSON saved to specified output location
    // file names:  customNameForDiff.html , metadata.json 
    // use with directories
     let config = {
            directoryMode: true, 
            pathToMainDirectory: "path/to/directory",
            quiet: true
    // example
        .then( /*...*/ );
    // in this example, no files will be written, and Debug loggers are silenced

Note: The checker will automatically remove all temporary files on termination. To prevent this, set an environment variable DEV=true.


Enable debugging by setting an environment variable DEBUG. E.g.:

   $  DEBUG=* node yourProject.js

Find available DEBUG loggers below.

Debug loggers

Available DEBUG loggers are:

  • index:checkRequestHandling *
  • index:ERROR *
  • checker:general *
  • checker:slice
  • checker:compare
  • checker:reassemble
  • checker:ERROR *

For debugging tests, use 'tester'.

* default when used as CLI

Publish a new release

# see npm version --help
npm version {major,minor,bugfix}
npm publish


o2r checker is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, see file LICENSE.

Copyright (C) 2018 - o2r project.