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Allows the integration of badges into several research websites and data repositories.
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O2R Badge Integrator.crx

Integrating badges using a Chrome Web Extension

The o2r-extender is part of the o2r project which aims to make reproduction of research results possbile:

The o2r-extender consists of a Chrome Web Extension that allows for integration of badges on several research websites. Additionally, it integrates buttons for the o2r project into data repositories and collaboration platforms.

Based on the study project "Badges for computational geoscience containers" available at geocontainer-badges/reproducability.


In order to use this API, make sure that you have installed Chrome and enabled extensions in the settings.

Web store installation

To install the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store open the following link and click the "Add to Chrome" button:

Development installation

  1. Clone this repository: git clone

  2. Add the o2r Badge Integrator extension:

    • Open chrome://extensions/ in Chrome,
    • make sure that "Developer mode" in the top-right corner is enabled,
    • click "Load unpacked extension..."
    • and select the o2r Badge Integrator directory of this repository.
  3. Start the o2r-badger to generate badges. Installation instructions

  4. Right click the new "o2r" extension icon and select options. Change the Badge endpoint setting to the local badger address, e.g. http://localhost:8089/api/1.0/badge/

  5. When visiting one of the supported websites make sure to allow mixed content in Chrome:

    • select "Load unsafe scripts" by clicking the shield icon in the address bar (detailed explanation)


Upon successful installation, you will notice the applications' icon in the top-right corner next to the URL line. Navigate to your chosen website, search for the name of the research you are interested in, and everything will happen automatically. Filter and badges are loaded and nicely integrated into the service's search results.

Supported research services

Supported data repositories

Supported collaboration platforms


To release a new version to the Chrome Web Store, we use the Web Store Upload CLI.

npm install -g chrome-webstore-upload-cli

Release process

  • add a tag matching the version from manifest.json prepended with v, e.g. v0.1.0
git tag v0.1.0
  • go to directory extension and put keys and IDs into environment variables:
cd extension
  • upload directory bash``` webstore upload --extension-id $EXTENSION_ID --client-id $CLIENT_ID --client-secret $CLIENT_SECRET --refresh-token $REFRESH_TOKEN
- publish extension
webstore publish --extension-id $EXTENSION_ID --client-id $CLIENT_ID --client-secret $CLIENT_SECRET --refresh-token $REFRESH_TOKEN
  • push the tag to GitHub
git push upstream v0.1.0

List of contributors

  • Antonia van Eek
  • Clara Rendel
  • Lasse Einfeldt
  • Laura Meierkort
  • Marlena Götza
  • Salman Khalid
  • Shahzeib Tariq Jaswal
  • Nimrod Gavish
  • Matthias Mohr
  • Daniel Nüst
  • Lukas Lohoff


This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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