Pre-conference workshop series "Reproducible Research" @ AGILE conference
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Reproducible Computational Geosciences

Join the chat at

Go to workshop website

Site management

The design is based on Hyde by Mark Otto.

bundle exec jekyll serve # build the site

The page is build by Travis CI (based on the files .travis.yml and Gemfile).

Build Status


A generic "Fork me" ribbon has been added and can be configured (text, link) in the file _config.yml. The color is configured in public/css/agile.css. The ribbon appears on all pages via _layouts/default.html, and stylesheets are included in _includes/head_default.html if enabled.

Exclude pages from menu

If you do not want a page to appear in the left hand side menu, include the parameter exclude_from_nav: true in the page's frontmatter.


External CDN links were replaced with local copies as follows:

  • saved to public/js/
  • saved to public/css/ (same for IE9 variant .ie.min.css)

Google Fonts stored locally using Fonte Awesome manually downloaded from