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O3DE Foundation Resources

This repository provides a central location for information related to O3DE as a whole. Here you can find information about O3DE's development process, the processes the project uses and how to contribute.

Contribute to O3DE

Learn how to contribute to O3DE.

Ensure you read the code of conduct, values and contributing guides. Then reach out to Special Interest Groups that are involved in the areas you want to contribute to.

Special Interest Groups

O3DE is a very large project. To ease communication and provide clearer ownership, the project has a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that are responsible for maintaining different areas of the project.

You can use the contribution page to find out areas of ownership or see the links in SIG readme for more information.

O3DE has the following active SIGs:

O3DE Committees

O3DE also has a number of standing committees that drive improvement and contributions to the project:


These documents are created for those who wish to take part in keeping the Readme files or website updated. They are living documents and will be updated as needed.

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