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This is a user interface created for The DataTank. It has the following functions:

  • Manage resources
  • Manage routes
  • Manage users
  • Add jobs to tdt/input
  • Test mapping files


The first step is to install The DataTank. If you want to use The DataTank Installer, continue with setup using the installer. If you want to install The DataTank using composer, follow the instructions in setup using composer.

Setup using the installer

Download tdt/installer to install The DataTank. Before you continue to follow the instructions provided on that page, go to the settings folder and set these properties in tdt-start.json:

	"link" : "",
  	"zip" : "",
  	"zipdirname" : "tdt-start-master"

After this, follow the complete installation process described here.

Finally, you need to configure tdt/start.

Setup using composer

Create a new project by cloning the tdt/start repository:

git clone

Setup tdt/start, as explained in the "Getting started" section of the github page.

Now, the only thing left to do, is to configure tdt/start.

Configure tdt/start

Now you need to adapt the configuration of tdt/start, to make everything in the UI work.

Alter composer.json and add, on the root level (the same level as "require"):

"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

Then add to requirements:

"tdt/core"      : "dev-development",
"tdt/input"     : "dev-development",
"tdt/ui"        : "dev-development"

Now update your project (in the tdt/start folder):

composer update

If anything goes wrong with this command, try to run it as superuser (because the folders may be owned by the php user).


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