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License: AGPL v3


A Social Media Aggregator Our partner Datascouts provides a way to display the ecosystem of a business : The network of interconnecting and interacting elements of a business.

For example for oSoc that would be the partners, projects and students. What it doesn’t show yet however, is the social media aspect of that network. So, that is what we are making; we are building a social media aggregator which will allow businesses to aggregate every tweet, status, video, etc ... related to their specific business.

It’s basically a way for companies to stay informed on what is happening on social media, specifically related to their business environment.

Features & Technologies

  • Vue.JS
  • SCSS with SASS
  • Browserify
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Lumen


Role Name
Designer Ismail Kutlu
Front-end Developer Ismail Kutlu & Maxime Van Driessche
Back-end Developer David A.