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The #LopenInGent project is an effort to create an enjoyable, customizable and dynamic running app for the city of Ghent. Here's a showcase of our major features:

  • Running route generation based on a distance or an amount of time (eg. I want to run 5 km or I want to run for 30 minutes)

  • Route recalculation if you go off the given route, the recalculation will be within the distance/time constraint.

  • Routes always go back to the starting point, it will never take the same route to go back.

  • It's possible to add distance or time while you're running.

  • Users can select multiple attributes for a given run. (eg. I want to run on soft ground or I want to run next to parks)

  • Audio guidance while you are running (Heartrate feedback, directions, ...)

  • Keep track of your running statistics and previous runs.


You can find installation instructions on the repository's wiki page.


You can find our documentation on the wiki page.


This application was developed by students from Ghent University and by students at Open Summer of Code.

Ghent University

  • Hendrik Depauw
  • Lorenz van Herwaarden
  • Nick Aelterman
  • Olivier Cammaert
  • Maxim Deweirdt
  • Gerwin Dox
  • Simon Neuville
  • Stiaan Uyttersprot

Open Summer of Code 2017

  • Redouane Arroubai
  • Tim Baccaert
  • Gregory De Crock
  • Krishna Kumar Thirukokaranam Chandrasekar

MIT License

This project is released as an open-source project under the MIT License.