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Gentlestudent Open Badges Project for Arteveldehogeschool


Gentlestudent is an application that allows the user to ask students for help. With the application, anyone can issue a learning opportunity and students using the application can decide to help the issuer. After helping the issuer, the student gets a badge as a reward, which is a verifiable record of their learning. This way, Gentlestudent stimulates informal learning and teaches valuable lessons about community life and social engagement.

The application uses open badges to reward students for completing learning opportunities. T he application uses beacon technology to localize the learning opportunities. If you’re close to the learning opportunity, you’ll be able to see where you need to be.

Where to find

You can download the application on Android (Apple is on it's way!). You can also use the web application.

Here you can find our github page.


Member Function
Bert Jehoul Coach
Bram De Coninck Full stack developer
Stijn Mets Back-end developer
Maxime Van Driessche Front-end developer
Marie-Sophie Verwee Back-end developer
Michael Viaene Back-end developer