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Here is a list of people that have helped with the development of this website.

  • Michael Vanderpoorten (YungPanda, Original Design)

  • Brecht Van de Vyvere (Open Knowledge Belgium, Original Coding)

  • Nico Verbruggen (Open Knowledge Belgium, Original Coding)

  • Pieter-Jan Pauwels (Open Knowledge Belgium, Communication, Common sense)

  • Lara Deraes (Open Knowledge Belgium, Content, Communication, Original face of 404)

  • Sander Meert (Open Knowledge Belgium, Development)

  • Dries Van Ransbeeck (Open Knowledge Belgium, Common sense and Copy)

  • Julia Thomaschki (Open Knowledge Belgium, Common sense and Copy)

  • Niels Dewelde (Open Knowledge Belgium, Design)

  • Xavier Bertels (Open Knowledge Belgium, Design)

  • Miet Claes (Open Knowledge Belgium, Development and Design)