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Best@: Belgian Streets & Addresses
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Various tools to use and convert the BeST streets and addresses open data

Table of contents


Components overview


This repository contains a collection of scripts to perform various operations with the BeST streets and addresses open data.


The download script downloads the dataset and unzips it in the specified directory.

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The convert script converts the xml files in the dataset to one big csv file.

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The filter script can filter the csv file on postcode and bounding box and can output the result in various formats

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The matching script can match the addresses of one file to the addresses of another file and will fill in the official address id and GPS coordinates

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The Count scripts can count the occurences of streetnames in the file

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The compare script compares the streetnames of two groups of postal codes and return the common ones.

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Contains the metadata for our upload to the global open address repository, and some more information on the process.

View the documentation.


Contains information on how to set up a pelias geocoding service that uses the BeSt data.

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A collection of marketing and communication assets are prepared for the promotion of the dataset and other similar datasets in the future.

They can be found here


Using the csv data a few notebooks were created using the data in fun and interesting ways.

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Interactive map

An interactive map visualization off all addresses in Belgium can be found here

Along with the information on how to run it.

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