power: adjust coloring to that used in altpowerbar when displayAltPower is set #162

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Rainrider commented Nov 21, 2012

Bring the power element on par with the recent changes in altpowerbar


haste commented Nov 21, 2012

Shouldn't this have lower priority than tapping and disconnected?


Rainrider commented Nov 25, 2012

In my commit one can set .colorAltTexture to nil/false, so that the layout can use the standard color priorities. You are probably right, that it's better not to make those options exclusive. I'll rebase my comit later


Rainrider commented Nov 25, 2012

I did the The Stone Guard encounter today. UnitAlternatePowerTextureInfo("player", 2) returns 1, 1, 1 resulting in a white altpower bar. Same for the quest sequel Basic Botany. Do we have something to reliably get the color of the alt power bar?


ghost commented Nov 25, 2012

Saw the same issue on Ambershaper


Rainrider commented Nov 26, 2012

As far as I get it, Blizz just uses colored textures on a lot of occasions: Amber_Horizontal_Fill.blp for Ambershaper, StoneGuardAmethyst_Horizontal_Fill.blp, StoneGuardJade_Horizontal_Fill.blp etc. for The Stone Guard. It appears to me that UnitAlternatePowerTextureInfo just returns what they call SetVertexColor with. Using SetVertexColor(1,1,1) removes vertex shading and thus resets the texture to its original colors.


Rainrider commented Dec 2, 2012

I guess you could close this unless someone comes with a better idea on how to color this meaningfully. Or we could allow layouts to set a specific color if the displayed bar is the altpowerbar.


Rainrider commented Dec 2, 2012

I took the liberty to change it to allow for setting a fixed color if the altpowerbar is being displayed instead of the power bar.


Rainrider commented Jun 23, 2014

Any particular reason not to accept this PC? It is supposed to mimic the default ui.


haste commented Jun 23, 2014

Sorry, it's fallen through a crack and I'm on vacation for another month. =/

I'll have a look after that.

Rainrider referenced this pull request in Rainrider/oUF Jul 10, 2014


power improvements #1

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p3lim commented Jul 25, 2014

Please change the indenting from tabs to spaces in the documentation, then rebase the commit.


haste commented Aug 2, 2014

Merged as 281dbb9 and ad67be9.

haste closed this Aug 2, 2014

Rainrider deleted the Rainrider:altpower branch Aug 3, 2014

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