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#!/usr/bin/env python3
""" - A tool to extract data from upstream_sources.yaml
import re
import argparse
from itertools import chain
from yaml import safe_load
DEFAULT_PATH_TO_USRC_YAML = 'automation/upstream_sources.yaml'
def main():
args = parse_args()
usrc_yaml = load_upstream_sources_yaml(args.usrc_yaml)
environment_file = generate_environment_file(usrc_yaml)
def parse_args():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=(
'Generate environment file from upstream source entries in an '
'upstream_sources.yaml config. Each upstream source environment '
'variable is composed out of an upstream source project name is '
'being capitalized, all hyphens "-" and dots "." are being replaced '
'with underscores "_", and a suffix of {BRANCH,COMMIT,URL} is added.'
'Specify a path to upstream_sources.yaml config. '
return parser.parse_args()
def load_upstream_sources_yaml(path_to_usrc_yaml: str) -> dict:
"""Load upstream sources yaml from the given path
with open(path_to_usrc_yaml, 'r') as usrc_yaml:
return safe_load(usrc_yaml)
def generate_environment_file(usrc_config: dict) -> str:
"""Given a upstream sources config, generate an environment file.
Every upstream source entry in the config yields 3 environment variables:
compatability with older version of similar automation, for the first
upstream source entry in the list, generate 3 legacy environment variables:
CI_UPSTREAM{COMMIT|BRANCH|URL} (w/o the project name).
:param dict usrc_config: upstream sources config
:returns: a string representation of an environment file
if not isinstance(usrc_config, dict):
cfg_type = type(usrc_config)
raise TypeError(
f'upstream sources config should be a dict, not {cfg_type}'
git_config_entries = usrc_config['git']
except KeyError:
raise KeyError('Missing `git` config entry in upstream_sources.yaml.')
environment_file_entries = (
generate_entry_for_upstream_source(idx, usrc_entry)
for idx, usrc_entry in enumerate(git_config_entries)
# Some of our users already have automation set for a single upstream
# source so we also create vars with the legacy CI prefix for the first
# entry in the config to support them.
legacy_environment_file_entries = generate_entry_for_upstream_source(
return ''.join(chain(
environment_file_entries, (legacy_environment_file_entries,)
def generate_entry_for_upstream_source(
entry_index: int, usrc_entry: dict, legacy_name: bool = False
) -> str:
"""Given an upstream source entry, generate string entry for the
environment file.
:param dict usrc_entry: upstream source entry from upstream_sources.yaml
:param int entry_index: the index of the upstream source entry in the list
:param bool legacy_name: set to True to maintain compatability with legacy
var names from old version of the automation.
If True, ommits the project name from the var name
:returns: a string entry for the environment file
branch = usrc_entry['branch']
commit = usrc_entry['commit']
url = usrc_entry['url']
except KeyError as key_error:
missing_entry = key_error.args[0]
raise KeyError(
f'Missing {missing_entry} in upstream source entry #{entry_index}.'
if legacy_name:
var_name = ''
var_name = project_name_from_repo_url(url) + '_'
return (
def project_name_from_repo_url(repo_url: str) -> str:
"""Given a repo url, return the name of the project where all letters are
in upper-case and all hyphens and dots are replaced with underscores.
:param str repo_url: a full repo url
:returns: the project name in upper-case and underscores
pattern = re.compile(r'(.*/)?(.+?)(\.git)?$')
match = pattern.match(repo_url)
if match is None:
raise ValueError(
"Failed to extract project name from repo URL. "
"Repo URL can't be empty"
project_name =
project_name = project_name.upper().replace('-', '_').replace('.', '_')
return project_name
if __name__ == '__main__':
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