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This app is not maintained anymore and was not tested on newer Android versions nor with newer oVirt versions.

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A mobile client for oVirt.

  • Monitoring of oVirt data centers
  • Support for remote consoles
  • Running/stopping VMs, making snapshots and other actions
  • Augmented reality; scan your servers with a camera to get information about them
  • Dashboard overview
  • Triggers for cpu/memory thresholds, statuses and events
  • And more...

Get the newest version here or from the app store

Get it on Google Play

and check out the User's guide

Supported oVirt and Android per moVirt version

oVirt \ moVirt 1.11 1.21 1.32, 1.42 1.52 1.6 - 2.12
3.4 yes yes no3 no3 no3
3.5 no yes yes no3 no3
3.6 no no yes yes yes
4.0 no no no yes yes
4.1 - 4.4 no no no no3 yes

[1]: works on Android 4.0+
[2]: works on Android 4.1+
[3]: may work but no longer tested


Useful links

Get in Touch

  • Interested about news? Follow us on Twitter
  • Have user questions? Subscribe to oVirt's users list and post a question with subject containing [moVirt]
  • Want to chat? We are usually hanging in in #ovirt - look for mbetak, tjelinek, NoiseDoll or yixinzhang. Or anyone else, people are friendly there ;)


Feature demonstration on YouTube

bVNC and Triggers