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OpenFrameworks Experiments

This is a collection of stuff I made using OpenFrameworks. A lot were made during my time at the School for Poetic Computation in the Code class taught by Zach Lieberman. Zach was inspired by the Recode project to center his class around recreating artworks from the past using modern tools. The recreation could either be a direct translation where the recreation is very close to the original or it could be more experimental and a response to the original artwork. My work tends to fall in both buckets. The code for the examples Zach covered in class are here.

Ken Knowlton

Made a mosaic of my baby picture featuring stills from nollywood (nigerian) movies I watched growing up.

Mosaic of my baby picture

Walking Data

Zach gave us walking data and told us to do something cool with it. I made a walking constellation.

A constellation walking among the stars

Muriel Cooper

3D text inspired by Muriel Cooper's work 3D text inspired by Muriel Cooper's work

Vera Molnár

Vera Molnar work, left is my recreation, right is original

Vera Molnar animation Vera Molnar animation


Experiments made with OpenFrameworks



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